Project: Invisible farm is posted

Project: BU Kaoshiungis posted

Project: Long Tang visitor center is posted

Project: Sky Condos is posted

Project: Taichung Apartment is posted

Group Exhibition: TENT LONDON 09.20.2012 - 09.24.2012

Group Exhibition: Taiwan Designers' Week 09.14.2012 - 09.23.2012

Lectuer: Pecha Kucha Night Taichung 09.08.2012

Group Exhibition: Taiwan Wanderer Guide 2012 09.01.2012 to 11.30.2012

Daisuke Nagatomo is attending AAST symposium at Isutito Italiano di Cultura Tokyo for the panel discussion on 02.24.2012

S-Cube wins Green Dot Award

Daisuke Nagatomo is attending ALGODE symposium for the panel discussion

S-Cube is posted

Light Lights is posted

Tomioka Station is posted

Astrium Silver is posted

Partner Daisuke Nagatomo participates AAST Workshop as Team D Tutor

Taiwan Designer`s Week "Keep" Exhibition

Taipei World Design Expo "Bliss" Exhibition

Mikoto Project is posted

Vision Aoyama Project is posted

We are looking for Intern to join our Tokyo Office

Astrium Nature Project is posted

New Website Launched

MisoSoupDesign's Facebook Page is open

MisoSoupDesign is on LORO

Kulms Chair is on Wallpaper Magazine

Kulms Chair is exhibited at DESIGNTIDE TOKYO

Kulms Chair is available from LERIVAL

K Workstation and Za Stool are on Once Upon a Chair from Gestalten

Fablab House to win People's Choice Award from Solar Decathlon Europe

MisoSoupDesign to receive FEIDAD Design Merit Award in Taipei

MisoSoupDesign to be selected as finalist on Taya Renewal Competition

MisoSoupDesign's interview on Modern Decration China